Q: Why do you need to do a course?

Currently there are areas of airspace within Ireland where an individual or a company needs permission from the Irish Aviation Authority to operate an SUA within. The IAA will only grant Specific Operating Permission  in these areas to those who have completed:

 – An IAA approved Ground School Course

 – An IAA approved SUA Flight Test

Q: How to become a qualified operator/ pilot in Ireland:

-Complete a ground school course of training.

-Complete a flight test with an IAA approved examiner 

-Attain public liability insurance

-Pay the appropriate fees to the Irish Aviation Authority (€296)

Q: Ground School Course Detail

The Ground School Training Course duration is two full days, Saturday and Sunday, 9am-5pm on both days. Tea and Coffee will be provided free of charge on both days.

The course content is as required by the Irish Aviation Authority in relation to SI563 of 2015. The subjects that will be covered are :

  • IAA regulation and requirements.
  • Irish Air Law & Airspace.
  • Principles of Flight.
  • Aircraft Technical.
  • Meteorology.
  • Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Emergency Procedures.
  • Risk Assessment

Although these are the main topics covered, many other areas will be discussed throughout the day. We endeavour to pass on as much SUA knowledge and experience as we possibly can over the course of the two days.

A comprehensive student manual will be provided on the day, which will be yours to keep and reference during your future SUA Operations.

As an added extra, we will provide a lecture at the end of the course where we will outline the procedures needed, for you to apply for the Specific Operating Permission through the IAA.

We will also provide each student with an operations manual template, which will save each of you a huge amount of time and effort with your own set up. An operations manual is a requirement as part of the application by the IAA and is specific to each person applying for a Specific Operating Permission. The template will aid you with this process.


Q: Can you teach me how to fly my drone?

As a ground school we don't offer it as a service as there is no IAA approved training course yet. Copter Shop Ireland offers flight training, they have some of the most experienced drone pilots in the country with a vast knowledge of multi-rotor drones and fixed wing planes. You can contact them at www.coptershopireland.com or 01-8379787