Some of Our Past Customers


Ground School Course Feedback

“Excellent course using a really wide range of information. Instructors really patient whilst answering many questions.”
— Joseph Carr (Oct 2016)
“Very through and delivered with good humour”
— Dave McCullen (Oct 2016)
“Really good, interactive approach to learning. Clear learning objectives and summaries.”
— Matt Saunders (Oct 2016)
“The course was a really exciting experience for me and gave me a new opportunity in my career, thank you!”
— Bernard Boland (Oct 2016)
“Very well run course, learned a lot. Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed.”
— David Good (Oct 2016)
“Very hard to fault, very thorough where needed, can’t catch the boys out!”
— Alex Baxter (Oct 2016)
“Very good learning course, very well presented”
— Shane Giblin (Oct 2016)
“It was very much ‘wax on,wax off’ style of course, I was thinking “why are we learning this?”, then it all came together, great two days.”
— Donal Cedarall (Oct 2016)
“The quality of the presentations and slides are 1st class. The lecturers talk with confidence and are knowledgeable and kept the students interested throughout”
— Reg Cowie (Oct 2016)
“Really enjoyed the course, learned loads. Met some really interesting people.”
— Catherine Rose (Oct 2016)
“Really enjoyed the course. So much I have learned that I didn’t know before. I would 100% recommend this course to everybody thinking of buying a drone.”
— Philip Mulhall (Sept 2016)
“Very enjoyable, good lads, all right lasagna!”
— Robert Flynn (Sept 2016)
“Fast, Fluid and Professional. Cleary spoken and interactive with students. On par with the UK CAA Course.”
— Dominic Turner (Sept 2016)
“Learning the basics correctly is the first step – everything else is a bonus, loved the course and meeting like minded people.”
— Shane Hartigan (May 2016)
“For someone with very little knowledge of RPAS the presentations and content was explained very well and made easy to understand. Professional with a bit of fun and humour”
— Michael McGee (May 2016)
“Well done, worthwhile”
— Jurgen White (May 2016)
“Excellent content, expertly delivered.”
— Sean Molloy (May 2016)
“Exceptionally in depth given the available time and demonstrated an appreciation of education outcomes. Paced perfectly and well rounded.”
— Conchubhair MacLochlainn (May 2016)
“All the instructors are very knowledgeable and present the course very clearly and encourage interaction between students.”
— Brain Leen (May 2016)
“A great course, well delivered, friendly environment.”
— Brian MacLouhlainn (May 2016)
“Course is excellent, very enjoyable and interesting.Would advise annyone interested in drones to do the course.”
— John Bagnall (May 2016)
“First class men, thanks very much”
— Richard Donelan (May 2016)
“Quickly realised how little i knew about RPAS, you made sitting in a room for 14 hours on a weekend enjoyable.”
— Adam Ryan (May 2016)
“Without a doubt with was a very informative, well prepared and well presented course.Despite giving up my whole weekend I stayed fully engaged to the end.”
— Ultan Ryan (May 2016)
“Delivered in a relaxed but professional manner.”
— John Mullarkey (May 2016)
“Instructors are massively over qualified for what they’re doing. I consider myself lucky to have been taught by these guys.”
— Christian O'Brien (May 2016)
“Extremely professional. Course diversity keeps student attention fresh. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to become an RPAS operator. It’s delivered by industry experts with unrivaled knowledge.”
— Gareth Byrne (April 2016)
“The presenters were very professional and serious where required. But also able to inject humour where appropriate, which improved the overall feel of the course. They really know what they are talking about.”
— Steven Hood (April 2016)
Great Course, I found the lads very informative. Fully recommended
— Steve Coyle (April 2017)
It was great to find a ground school with people who know what they are talking about, all the staff fly drones and were able to offer me really good advise and training
— Paul Cooke (September 2017)
Best course I every done, I learned all about rules and regs but also I got a lot of inside into SAR DUE TO SOME OF THEM WORKING IN THAT INDUSTRY WHICH WAS GREAT FOR ME
— Tommy Dunne (Jan 2018)