Sua Flight Examination and Specific Operators Permission Application

Steps to prepare for your flight test

1.   Complete your operations manual (emailed to you after completion of ground-school training)

2.   Prepare the four flight scenarios, which are attached below (Document 1). To complete this we recommend you follow the following sequence FOR EACH SCENARIO

a.  Print and complete the sample pre-site risk assessment located in your ops manual (Document       2 below)
b.  Print and complete an operational risk assessment form (Document 3 below)
c.  Print and complete form UF101 Class C Application Form (Document 4 below)

3.   Print and complete form UF100 and UF102 with your personal details. Make sure to fill in your aircraft registration number (document 5 & 6 below)

4.   Email your operations manual to the designated examiner at least 5 days in advance of your test

5.   Use the further information below to clear up the procedure for the day of your test

Document 1 – Flight Test Scenarios
Document 2 – Sample pre-site risk assessment
Document 3 – Operational risk assessment form
Document 4 – UF101 Class C Application Form
Document 5 – UF100
Document 6 – UF102