Ground School Training Course

Ground School Training Course


At iFly Technology we provide a number of training and testing services to help you obtain your Special Operators Permission from the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). 

There are three stages you need to cover to get your Special Operators Permission (SOP) from the IAA
-Ground School Training
-Flight Test
-Application to IAA

Ground School Training Course: 
The IAA regulates the air space above our heads within the Republic of Ireland. Within this air space there are different categories of air space, each category has different rules and regulations in relation to drone flying. In some areas you need permission from the IAA to fly your drone. At iFly Technology we have been certified by the IAA to teach people these regulations and much more. We are a Registered Training Facility (RTF) and fully approved by the IAA.

At our Ground School Training Course you will be taught the following as per IAA requirements:
-Air Law
-Aircraft Technical Systems
-Principles of Flight
-Aircraft Operation
-Risk Assessment and Mitigation
-Flight Syllabus

-Operation Manual

This course is spread out over a two day period normally on a Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the course an exam will be held which you will need to pass in order to be certified. This is a class room based learning course and no drone flying will be taking place.

Flight Exam:
After you have completed your Ground School Training Course the next step for you will be your flight exam. Before you meet our instructor we will need your Operations Manual to be filled in by you and sent to us 2 weeks before your agreed Flight Test. Once our instructor is happy with all of your paper work an agreed location will be used to carry out the following:

-Pre-site Survey & Planing
-Practical Flight Test
-Theoretical Knowledge Testing

IAA Application:
The IAA application form will need to be filled in and the following will also be needed at the time of your submission:
-Copy of your Ground School Training Course Cert
-Copy of Flight Exam Cert
-IAA SOP Application form
-Drone/s must be registered with the IAA Asset portal
-Administration fee made out to the Irish Aviation Authority 



We have partnered up with Drone Cover Ireland to help you get the best quote for your needs. All persons who attend the iFly Training Course receive a discount once they pass our Ground School Training. Please contact Drone Cover Ireland for pricing.

All paper work for Ground School Training and Flight Exam will be provided to you by us. Lunch and tea/coffee are included in the cost of your Ground School Training Course, please advise us if you have any special dietary needs.


Please Note: This pricing only covers the 2 day Ground School Training. Flight Test, Flight Test Training and or other services are not included in this pricing.


Please Note: Only when you compleate your Ground School Traing, Renewal Course and/or Flight Test with us Drone Cover Ireland will offer a discount on your Drone Insurance once our certificate is produced.

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Please Note: During the Ground School Training Course no flight training or flying of drones will be carried out. During this course you will be class room based at all times.