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Ground School Course Feedback

“Excellent course using a really wide range of information. Instructors really patient whilst answering many questions.”Joseph Carr (Oct 2016)
“Very through and delivered with good humour”Dave McCullen (Oct 2016)
“Really good, interactive approach to learning. Clear learning objectives and summaries.”Matt Saunders (Oct 2016)
“The course was a really exciting experience for me and gave me a new opportunity in my career, thank you!”Bernard Boland (Oct 2016)
“Very well run course, learned a lot. Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed.”David Good (Oct 2016)
“Very hard to fault, very thorough where needed, can’t catch the boys out!”Alex Baxter (Oct 2016)
“Very good learning course, very well presented”Shane Giblin (Oct 2016)
“It was very much ‘wax on,wax off’ style of course, I was thinking “why are we learning this?”, then it all came together, great two days.”Donal Cedarall (Oct 2016)
“The quality of the presentations and slides are 1st class. The lecturers talk with confidence and are knowledgeable and kept the students interested throughout”Reg Cowie (Oct 2016)
“Really enjoyed the course, learned loads. Met some really interesting people.”Catherine Rose (Oct 2016)
“Really enjoyed the course. So much I have learned that I didn’t know before. I would 100% recommend this course to everybody thinking of buying a drone.”Philip Mulhall (Sept 2016)
“Very enjoyable, good lads, all right lasagna!”Robert Flynn (Sept 2016)
“Fast, Fluid and Professional. Cleary spoken and interactive with students. On par with the UK CAA Course.”Dominic Turner (Sept 2016)
“Learning the basics correctly is the first step – everything else is a bonus, loved the course and meeting like minded people.”Shane Hartigan (May 2016)
“For someone with very little knowledge of RPAS the presentations and content was explained very well and made easy to understand. Professional with a bit of fun and humour”Michael McGee (May 2016)
“Well done, worthwhile”Jurgen White (May 2016)
“Excellent content, expertly delivered.”Sean Molloy (May 2016)
“Exceptionally in depth given the available time and demonstrated an appreciation of education outcomes. Paced perfectly and well rounded.”Conchubhair MacLochlainn (May 2016)
“All the instructors are very knowledgeable and present the course very clearly and encourage interaction between students.”Brain Leen (May 2016)
“A great course, well delivered, friendly environment.”Brian MacLouhlainn (May 2016)
“Course is excellent, very enjoyable and interesting.Would advise annyone interested in drones to do the course.”John Bagnall (May 2016)
“First class men, thanks very much”Richard Donelan (May 2016)
“Quickly realised how little i knew about RPAS, you made sitting in a room for 14 hours on a weekend enjoyable.”Adam Ryan (May 2016)
“Without a doubt with was a very informative, well prepared and well presented course.Despite giving up my whole weekend I stayed fully engaged to the end.”(May 2016)
“Without a doubt with was a very informative, well prepared and well presented course.Despite giving up my whole weekend I stayed fully engaged to the end.”Ultan Ryan (May 2016)
“Delivered in a relaxed but professional manner.”John Mullarkey (May 2016)
“Instructors are massively over qualified for what they’re doing. I consider myself lucky to have been taught by these guys.”Christian O'Brien (May 2016)
“Extremely professional. Course diversity keeps student attention fresh. This course is a must for anyone who wishes to become an RPAS operator. It’s delivered by industry experts with unrivaled knowledge.”Gareth Byrne (April 2016)
“The presenters were very professional and serious where required. But also able to inject humour where appropriate, which improved the overall feel of the course. They really know what they are talking about.”Steven Hood (April 2016)
“Amazing, professional and well presented course delivered by passionate and very knowledgeable instructors.”Patrick Murtagh (April 2016)
“Overall very pleased with the course. Very knowledgeable instructors who present content in a fun and engaging way. Even the more technical topics were explained well, with a nice injection of banter every now and then to keep it fun. Great presenting style.”Brian Cooper (April 2016)
“I was truly overwhelmed by iFly’s experience, vast knowledge and exceptional delivery of what many would fear to venture into. Friendly and most of all approachable. Truly are leading the way in drone training, thank you.”Rob King (April 2016)
“Really excellent”Vincent Moran (April 2016)
“Highly professional presentation, excellently communicated and core information reinforced. A must for all RPAS operators.”Michael McLaughlin (January 2016)
“Fantastic course, more than you expect you can get in two days! Great opportunity to know and learn from peer students aswell.”Qiwei Huang (January 2016)
“Instructors are very knowledgeable on the area. Learned many new areas which is definitely needed for the RPAS generation.”Jaak Pieterie (January 2016)
“My interest has increased from the course and I just want to get more involved in the RPAS community.”Brian Cullinan (January 2016)
“Excellent course. Instructors are practitioners, not just people who have learned what to deliver and it shows in the depth of knowledge that they have. Visual aids actually added to the experience and were very good. Very professional manner throughout, would recommend iFly to anyone who asks.”Tim McKnight (January 2016)
“Overall it was excellent and would recommend to all.”PJ Murphy (January 2016)
“Very happy with the course delivery. Very friendly and professional staff. Would recommend the course to others.”Lee Bracken (January 2016)
“Excellent course. The content was very relevant and delivered in a professional manner.”Paul Plunkett (January 2016)
“The course prepared me very well for the next phase, flying. The instructors were very knowledgeable, professional and approachable.”George Vladisavljevic (January 2016)
“The course highlighted my earlier lack of knowledge; I’m extremely glad I undertook the course and I feel it is essential for all drone operators.”John O'Brien (January 2016)
“Very good presentation skills and interaction by instructors as well as evident enthusiasm for the subject.”Anthony Tynan (November 2015)
“The course was really good. I really enjoyed how all of the lads covered the specific areas and even made boring sections enjoyable through interaction.”Ciaran Hayes (November 2015)
“Great course, way above my expectations.”Denis Comerford (November 2015)
“Well prepared and put together, professional and on-time. Engaging and intractive, covers all areas objectively. Extremely competent, excellent quality training manual. Fully satisfied.”David Murphy, GIS Dept, Mayo County Council (November 2015)
“Really enjoyed the course. Everyone working with iFly was very approachable and extremely professional.”Brian Durkan (October 2015)
“I found the course very informative and the ease with which the instructors referred to day to day examples made understanding much easier. Thank you very much.”Matt Fitzgerald (October 2015)
“Very impressed. Great course, very informative.”John Delea (October 2015)
“Fantastic course, very informative.”Jim Black (October 2015)
“I really enjoyed the course, all three instructors were great and the depth of their knowledge was very impressive. Nice light atmosphere as well.”Philip McCaffrey (September 2015)
“Brilliant all round. As professional as you want us to be carrying out our own operations. Thank you!”Padraig Bulfin (September 2015)
“The course was extremely well structured and delivered. It is clear that the instructors are passionate about the area and communicate their knowledge and passion excellently. “Jimmy Norman(September 2015)
“Exceptionally well run and extremely informative course.”Mark Young (September 2015)
“Excellent course. A lot covered in two days but very informative and enjoyable.”Stephen Doyle (September 2015)
“Highly trained excellent instructors with great experience, excellent delivery and content. Very good value for money and relevant. Very interesting with fantastic technical knowledge from all instructors. Overall an excellent course.”Adam Harkin (September 2015)
“Nicely condensed course which focuses on the essentials of RPAS use, demonstrating good value for money.”James Doyle (September 2015)
“Course is very useful and practical, based on the experience of instructors, not just book learning. Instructors have background and experience to help students progress in RPAS.”Darren Doyle (September 2015)
“Couldn’t fault the course.”Jason Griffiths (September 2015)
“Excellent. Well delivered with lots of passion. Very interesting. Each section was well explained clearly. The knowledge of the guys was of a very high standard and delivered in a very professional manner.”Conor Conlon (August 2015)
“I felt the course was very informative and extends beyond the boundaries of multi-rotors.”Alex Quinn (August 2015)
“This course has been excellent and further highlights the importance of safety and the proper use of procedures when using an RPAS.”Andrew W. Cummins (August 2015)
“Really enjoyed the course. Found every aspect to be interesting (even lethal batteries!). Found all of the lads to be extremely knowledgable and approachable. Free lunches were a cherry on top.”Conor O'Donovan (August 2015)
“Great course, well delivered with clear information. Professional, friendly instructors. Would really recommend iFly Technology.”Emmet McNamee (August 2015)
“The course was very enjoyable and a nice pace. Good time to answer questions and to talk to other classmates. Great for creating a network.”Ed Flanagan (August 2015)
“This course offered the most professional and real content in the RPAS industry. All information given had a purpose and it just flowed. The level of expertise was immense, great course overall!”David Doyle (July 2015)
“Very professional and well organised.”Ian Kiely (July 2015)
“An excellent course with the goal of improving safety and awareness within the industry.”Neil Curran (July 2015)
“The instructors presented the course in a way which could be followed easily.”Martin Brassil (July 2015)
“Very professional and very comprehensive course.”Andrew O'Riordan (July 2015)
“Excellent course. Very good training manuals and presentations. Excellent instructors whose professional experience was a great addition.”Liam Carroll (Limerick Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Found the course very informative, good background knowledge provided to allow us understand what we are facing. Enjoyable course, thanks.”Ken Crowley (Limerick Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Excellent course. Very well presented. Instructors are very professional.”Niall Murray (Limerick Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Excellent course. Excellent instructional standard. Very clear manual.”Paul Duffy (Limerick Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Excellent course, very relevant instruction and information was of a very high standard”Ger O'Donoughue (Limerick Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Great course overall, technical but very enjoyable.”Ciaran Lalor (Dublin Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Excellent course with outstanding presentations and handout materials. Very informative.”Trevor Hunt (Dublin Fire Brigade June 2015)
“Course content was very interesting. The instructors ensured that the content was specialised to our unique requirements while also ensuring we had a general content. Extremely enjoyable.”Maria Markey (Dublin Fire Brigade June 2015)
“I thought the instructors were very professional and very knowledgeable. The devices on show were relative to everyone’s pocket.”.Richard Finnegan (May 2015)
“Really enjoyed the course. There was a good mix of seriousness, expertise and fun. Given by a group of guys that have obvious passion and respect for aviation. The brownies were a nice mix too!”.Niall Skeehan (May 2015)


“Very professional, intense two days but delivered in a relaxed environment. Top Marks.”.Ian MacMahon (May 2015)
“Course was extremely well presented. Materials are very clear. All presenters are speaking from experience and consequently all have examples to cover every eventuality. Unusual that all presenters are present throughout so attendees get the benefit of all their skills throughout the weekend.”.Coleman Doyle (May 2015)
“All mentors well presented and confident, makes for an excellent learning environment. Grade A!”.Keith Tracey (May 2015)
“Well informed, enthusiastic and with great ability to teach.”.Mark Forsyth (May 2015)
“Extremely impressed by the professionalism of the instructors and how steep we can go in only two days”.Matthieu Chardon (May 2015)
“Fantastic course much better than anticipated. Enjoyed the two days, thank you very much.”.Pierce Farrell (May 2015)
“Lectures were excellent – Great course content, vibrant, interesting and very well delivered”.Jon Lerner
” Very professionally presented and organised. It was great to have such knowledgeable and high ranking instructors. “. John Anderson
” The course was really excellent, the instructors were very knowledgeable and a great breadth of information was covered
“. Patrick O’Brien
“Very professional course, the instructors were very knowledgeable. I was impressed with the “normal language” that was used throughout. Everything was well explained and they didn’t make you feel stupid of you didn’t know something. I am looking forward to keeping in contact with iFly in the future”. Rob O’Connor
” The course was great, very applicable, and exactly what we needed to know. The delivery was excellent, and it was great to have actual pilots teaching us. The legislation isn’t exciting but it was delivered in a fun way. Video and presentation aids were excellent. I got exactly what I wanted out of the course and more. Overall I was very happy.
“. Sean Gallagher
” Overall, I was very happy with the course and delivery. This course has given me more confidence and knowledge to pursue an RPAS permit”. Enda Lacey
” Very skilled, professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable instructors, and a very high quality manual. “. Oscars Krasting
” Great course, good balance between regulations, technical, flight principles, and safety “. John Wright
” The course was excellent, very well delivered. I’m a complete novice, but found it easy to follow “. Killian McLoughlin
” Excellent course, very well prepared, ready to fly”. Robert Mooney
” Enjoyable, informative. The two days flew. “. Shane Gillan
” Very pleased with the info and aircraft. The extra practical info made the course very good value “. Andy Cameron
“As I needed training in all aspects of RPAS, I was delighted to identify your organisation to help me with this problem. You came highly recommended which helped in the decision process. Thankfully you covered all relevant areas that were badly needed, I can honestly say the course structure and content was so interesting that the time passed very quickly. The experienced way the content was delivered, was both informative and engaging. The delivery of all team members with the odd bit of humour was professional and pleasant. As an experience in learning and presentation your team delivered on all fronts. I would be delighted to recommend your company to people who need this valuable service”.Austin Crowe
“Excellent course, expert instructors, amazingly well taught”. Tony Kinlen
“I got more out of it than I ever would have expected to, the course material is very well thought out and professionally presented”.Mark Dempsey