Irish Airspace

Control Zones in Irish Airspace

The links below contain all of the Control Zones within the Shannon FIR. As per the IAA Aeronautical notice UA.04 of June 2016:

“A person who has charge of a small unmanned aircraft (drone), which has a mass of less than 25 kilograms, without fuel but including any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the aircraft and including cargo at the commencement of its flight, may fly that drone at a height above the surface of not more than 15m (50 ft), without the permission required in article 7 (5) (a) of the Order in the following areas

Within the diagrams contained below “the following areas” from the above paragraph are detailed by the red hashed lines. As such, you may fly your drone up to a height of 15m (50ft) in Controlled Airspace without permission.

The Dublin, Shannon, Cork, Connaught and Waterford diagrams contain further circular areas distinguished by black lines. It is illegal to fly inside these areas without permission from the controlling authority.